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oct 15, '19

Fire Knife Dancing

Fire knife dancing goes back thousands of years and is believed to have been created in Faleasiu, Upolu Samoa. Not only used as a dance, but also to signal during...

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oct 5, '19

A Brief History of Hula

Hula has its roots in ancient history as a ritual dance performed for the volcano goddess, Pele. It is said that her sister, Hi'iaka originally performed the dance for Pele....

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sept 25, '19

Oahu City Luaus

From the immersion into the fascinating display of culture through dance, the bountiful abundance of food, and the jaw dropping theatrics of fire poi; the luau is....

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sept 16, '19

Oahu Island Luaus

The Luau, a ceremony that not only encompasses Hawaiian tradition with sacred hula dances and authentically cooked food, but also harnesses community....

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